Aesthetic Stationary Haul!



Hello Everyone!🍍🌵🍍 I AM SO EXCITED to be doing this post. Let me first explain how happy I am. As an early B-Day gift, my aunt gave me a bunch of goodies. She obviously knows about my obsessions with Cactus themed things, pineapple themed things, and My Love of Bullet Journaling. I’m so grateful for these gifts, including *spoiler alert* SOME WASHI TAPE! Also, as said in the title, everything is so aesthetically pleasing. Which is great because in my BUJO, I’m hoping it looks cohesive and aesthetically pretty.


I am warning that I will be using the words pineapple🍍 and cactus🌵 a lot. 




First, I got these agenda stickers. The “theme” is llamas and coffee, which is kind of weird but I love it a lot. I’m going to use them for my Bullet Journal. The color scheme is grey/silver, green, and pink. They are really cute and some are washi stickers and some are clear.




These are just some really random stickers. Some are pineapple, some are cactus, and theirs a mix of unicorn and donuts.  Every cute thing you could imagine is in this sticker book.




If you thought the stickers were over, you’d be wrong. My Aunt got me some gold and shimmering pineapple stickers.




Also to mark pages, I got some Pineapple Paperclips. If I haven’t mentioned this before, most of these are from Agenda 52, if you were wondering.




Next, I got some pineapple and flamingo push pins for boards or foam walls. They are so adorable and cute. There are 6 pieces.




This is also kind of random, but next I got a pineapple trinket dish. I’m not sure what I’m going to be using it for, but it seems like it could be used as a soap dish.




🍍I also got a small, little, pineapple/lime looking note pad. It’s perfect for jotting down small notes.🍍




Last, but DEFINITELY not least, MY WASHI TAPE. These are so expensive, so I never buy them, but I loveeeeeee them. I got four of them, one succulent one, one pineapple one, a hearts one, and a polka dots one.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Since these were gifts, I’m not sure where they are from. Most of them are a collection from Agenda 52. I looked at their website and they have really cute notebooks and stickers.  It’s safe to say that next months bullet journal is going to be pineapple themed. I can’t wait to use all of these goodies, stickers, and most importantly, the WASHI TAPE! Let me know in the comments, if you have an obsession with something, like I do with pineapples, let me know what it is in the comments!🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍




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