My May Bullet Journal Spread + Inspiration



Hello Everyone! I did one of these posts in January, so click here if you also want to see it.  May is a really REALLY big and busy month for me. Just to give you a small idea of how busy it is, its my Birthday month. It’s also award month and finals month at my school. ON top of all that, I am traveling and I have a few concerts.*I sing* But ever since I started  bullet journaling, my life has been a little more organized. It has helped me put everything in one place, and I feel like I’ve gotten more creative from it. So I thought I would share my May bullet journal, and also some Inspo. I do have a Pinterest, where I put some inspiration for bullet journaling, if you want to *cough cough* check it out. CLICK HERE. My own BUJO isn’t as complex as most, it’s realistic and functional. Bullet Journaling is so much fun, and I can’t wait for you to see my Bullet Journal and some inspiration I found.



This is the layout of the May Bullet Journal So far, and following will be the same thing in the same order, but in pictures. I’ll go into more details with the pictures.

  • Welcome to May (introduction)
  • Monthly Log
  • Daily Log (1-6) with notes section-same for all
  • Daily Log (7-13)
  • Daily Log (14-20)
  • Daily Log (21-27)
  • Daily Log( 28-31)
    • The reason the first and last log page are weird, was because I wanted to do weeks for every two pages
  • Goals for May
  • Birthday Page
  • Shopping List


And many of the travel pages that are to come




This is my front page. It has a small calendar in the corner just to add something. My theme for May was Cherry blossoms.




Heres the monthly log. On the right, it’s just a key because as I said, May is a really busy month for me.




Then, I had all of my daily logs. They each have a notes section, mainly to keep the pages symmetrical. It also adds some extra space for plain notes.




At the end of all the daily logs, I had a goals. It is barely finished, I still have some ideas to add. 500 Followers is the only goal, so don’t forget to follow me.




HERE’S My birthday page. Obviously, I only do this for May. I have the layout for my day, May 19th and then a wish list. This helps me, because it’s all in one place and it’s organized. In case you were wondering, I’m turning 13 and my mom and I are going to have a ladies day. We are going to a tea place, I’m getting a haircut, and (this is going to sound silly) I am going to Target to get a bunch of face masks.



Bujo inspo.jpg


Now that you’ve seen my BUJO, here is a little of the inspiration I used and some that I think may help! I found them online while I was looking for Inspo and it helped a lot.  Youtube videos are also really helpful.



I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have a bullet journal and wrote about it, feel free to leave a link in the comments or if you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer any questions. I have so much fun making these posts and designing my BUJO each month. Just letting all my creativity out onto one journal is so much fun and if you are debating whether or not to start a BUJO, I really recommend it.



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