Spring Clothing Haul!



Hello Everyone! I went shopping….again. But this time I went to ROMWE, so it doesn’t count. Romwe is a website which sells really cheap and really cute clothes. I have both things from there before, to test it out, but I bought a couple more last week. This is a try on haul. In case you were wondering, I am 5 ‘4″ and all the clothes are a size small, but they are kind of big on me. With each outfit, I listed the price but they were all under the price of $14. Except for one item, which was a special occasion item. I’ve had good experiences with ROMWE before, and I’m really happy with how the clothes came.





The first item I got were these shorts. They are kind of different than the normal shorts I get. I usually get fitted shorts, but these are more “flowy” They have a bunched up-elastic waist band. They were really big on me, so I might make them smaller. The waist fit fine, it was just really big. But I liked the style. They were $8.00.




This is my special occasion shirt. It was around $15.00. I got it for a spring dance I am going to soon which is why I was ok with spending a little more on it. ♥️ I LOVED THIS ♥️! The shirt looked really cute. The length was really cute and flattering and the fit around the chest area was kind of big but nice. It was comfy and the sleeves were nice.




I have been eyeing this shirt for such a long time but always debated getting it. It has plants on the front and I really like how all the colors go well together. Something that I didn’t notice on the website, is that the shirt is kind of cropped. The arm area was a little big, but it was really comfortable. I’m def. going to wear this shirt, but it wasn’t as good as what I thought it was going to be like. It was $6.00. (such a steal) 😃😃😃




I also thought this shirt was really cute. The only design it has is a really cute Dinosaur, but on the website they called it an alligator. It’s really simple, which I like, and it’s good for the summer. It fit almost perfectly. I was very surprised. The length was right, and it fit well around my arms and neck. It made me very happy. This shirt was $5.00.




The last thing I got was a tie in the front shirt. It has a geometric pattern and it’s kind of cropped. It was kind of awkward. I liked how it looked, but it was a little big and boxy. The pants worn with the shirt would have to be fitting and tight. This was only $6.00.



I hope you enjoyed this post! You can click here or here if you want to see a past post. I was really happy and surprised with how the clothes fit and felt. Everything was really great, especially when you look at the price. ROMWE is one of my favorite online stores, everything is so cute and affordable. I really recommend buying from this store. The only downside is it took a week for it to come and it didn’t tell me when it was going to come or how long it was going to take before hand.




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