Spring Fashion Wishlist!

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Hello Everyone!☀️☀️Spring and Summer☀️☀️are sort of starting and are about to start. I made a short wishlist for this Spring. At the beginning of the year I did a New Years Wishlist, click here, but this is a little different. I included some of the things I didn’t get from the last wishlist and put them here, but I do want to clarify that these are just things I would like to have. I don’t feel like I absolutely need them. This is meant to give inspiration for the upcoming Spring and Summer Season! 😉 Enjoy.♥️♥️♥️


All of these pictures I found on the internet.





I included this in my last wishlist post. I still need a good pair of sunglasses. Since summer is coming up, I’ll probably be using them more often. I like these types of glasses, but there are other kinds too




I also need a good pair of jeans. Jeans are hard for me, because I’m tall, so my legs are long, but my waist is small. And I normally wear leggings or leggings, but never real or good pants. So I’m hoping I can find a good pair of jeans.




Off the shoulder shirts, are something I see a lot on Pinterest, and social media, but I don’t have any other than the one I made. I think they look really cute too. There are so many different types of off the shoulder shirts, with diff straps and I think it would be fun to experience them.




Sandals are a must have for spring and summer, but I only have cheap flights cheap flip flops from Old Navy. Sandals are a really nice alternative for flips, especially because they are fancier a them, but also are fine for the hotter weather.




OMG! I have DREAMED of having a Fjällräven Kånken  for such a long time. I did my research, and there is something called a Re-Kanken that is made of recycled material, which I think is great. Hopefully I get one for my birthday. I think they are soooo cute. I also really like the grey and blue ones. Can you tell how much I fantasize of owning one of these bags?




I also want to find a sweater I can wear in the summer. I really like Sweaters, but it’s hard to wear them in the summer. So I really want to find one I can wear it in different weathers.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I can’t wait for summer and spring to actually begin. I am going to be on the lookout for all of these items. And I am probably going to be adding more items to this list while I scroll through Pinterest. Is there anything special on your spring or summer wishlist?






12 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Wishlist!

  1. NunziaDreams says:

    Off-the-shoulder tops are SO cute!! I already have a couple because I’ve always loved that style, but hey, that probably won’t stop me from browsing on Forever 21’s website for more!! hehe 😉 For my wishlist this summer especially, I’d really like to buy a cute bathing suit or summer dress 🙂

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