Spring Break Fashion Haul!



Hello Everyone! During my Spring Break, I picked up a lot of things. I went to different souvenir shops and went shopping in Times Square. I did spend more than usual on some items, but I was on vacation, so it’s fine. I listed the price and where I got them, for each item. This is a collective haul, so it isn’t just clothes. And this is a pretty small haul, but spring is starting so get ready for more hauls and shopping. Enjoy!



I’m sorry I haven’t been very active on my blog. School and life have really been dragging me down, and I didn’t feel like I would be able to create blogposts. I also didn’t want to be posting content that wasn’t of good quality. Despite that, I’m back and have everything under control……sort of. But, we’re getting there.




If you saw my day in the life post, you know that I went to the Hamilton store.  I got this sweatshirt, which was a little over $20. It was a little pricy because it is Hamilton, but it was worth it.I love it so much because it’s really good quality and I can style it so many ways. I have already worn it with shorts and jeans. It’s also oversized in the right parts and fits really well around my arms.




I also got a new FRIENDS shirt. It was $15.00 It’s really comfortable and functional. I have already worn a lot. I bought it from the NBC gift shop in New York.




When I was in Times Square, I went it H and M. They had so many nice clothes on sale, but they were all sweaters. So I was so happy when I found a nice shirt in the sale section. It’s a plaid shirt with embroidery. It’s breathable and really cute.




SOCKS! Everyone can always use some more socks. I grabbed them at checkout in H and M. They are really soft and the right size. Even though they were adult socks, I got away with the ankle socks.


Related image


This is more of a wish list item. I really want some nice sun glasses. There are so many different kinds and I want to make sure that I get a long lasting and pretty set. If you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments. 


Image result for blue sweatshirt

this isn’t a picture of it, but it is similar


I found a new sweatshirt. My aunt gave it to me instead of getting rid of it. It’s my favorite at home sweatshirt. The shape is so flattering and comfy. On the front is has the dancing on ice logo for the Gaylord. That’s a hotel in dc, near me. It’s really cozy and nice.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I mentioned the prices for each item, but I will say that I usually don’t spend that much on the items. They were all souvenirs and or just really good quality, and it was SPRING BREAK! I had so much fun during spring break, and I got really lucky with all of these finds. Let me know if you would like to collaborate. My email is rorokdesigns@gmail.com or you can dm @rorokdesigns.




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