How to Look Fabulous on Vacation!



Hello Everyone! I know that it can be hard to look fabulous on vacation, from trying to dress for traveling and day to day activities. It’s also hard to take nice pics on vacation. I am currently on vacation, so I am also currently doing all of these.  Click here and here to see my previous spring break posts. Enjoy a few of these tips and essentials  for how to look fabulous and how to take aesthetically pleasing pictures on vacation!



Small note: I am in San Diego right now! It’s really nice here but the temperature is in the low 70s and I didn’t have to much time to leave the perimeter of the hotel. But  I still had a lot of fun!




First of all, Location. Location is usually pretty easy, because on vacation everything is new and exciting. You don’t have to go too extreme to get pictures. I walked around my hotel and found a beautiful orange chair. And if you have planned out a location for pictures, make sure your outfit will go well with it. Finding places to take nice pics can be really fun and exciting, you just have to let it be.


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Dressing with coordinating colors and aesthetics is not just great for picking amazing outfits, but also pictures. Something I struggle with is keeping an aesthetic theme on my Insta, but incorporating a nice aesthetic or color pallet really helps.




Weather is very important for taking pictures and dressing fabulously. Especially dressing to fit the weather. You do not want to be stuck in the 90 degree weather wearing a thick wool sweater. And if it’s raining or really cold, you need to be prepared for staying indoors or staying indoors.




My sister is the best camera lady (most of the time). It’s always important to have a nice camera person who can take nice pictures and will give good ideas for outfits.




Lastly, just have fun! Looking fabulous on vacation shouldn’t be a stressful thing. If you aren’t enjoying your vacation because of the extra things, it’s not worth it. Just make sure you are having fun on your vaca!



I hope you enjoyed this post! Spring Break was so much fun this year, and this is a perfect way to end it. Follow me on Insta to see more pictures and videos. And you can always dm me or email me if you have questions or ideas, OR if you would like to collaborate. @rorokdesigns and Have a great rest of spring break!!




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