A Day in the Life: New York, Ice cream, and more!

BeFunky Collage-3.jpg


Hello Everyone! Spring break just started for me, and so far it has been really great. It is completely set in New York. I ate some really interesting things and visited so many nice stores. This definitely wasn’t my first time in New York, but it was one of the most fun. So I thought I would share this wonderful day in New York with all of you.




I started this wonderful day by walking to the Holey Doughnut Creamery. We got Starbucks on the way, but this was my breakfast. I got a doughnut with Mint Chocolate Chip, vanilla icing and Froot Loops. Best breakfast ever. Follow me on Instagram to see more pics.




We were walking for a while and saw a lot of nice photo opportunities. We mainly stayed near downtown and midtown New York and it was really cold.




I LOVE HAMILTON! My mom surprised my sister and me by taking us to the Hamilton store and we got some sweatshirts. It’s the next best thing aside from going to Hamilton. *but its too expensive* 


We went back to Times Square and did some shopping. We went to H and M, and I got a shirt, and then we just looked around at the Disney Store and Toys R Us. We also walked past the March. #Neveragain


After walking all morning, we resigned back to the Hotel, where I at Lunch and I caught up on my Riverdale. I also edited some pics from earlier today and had a lot of fun napping. 😉


cookie do.jpg


The highlight of my day, COOKIE DŌ. If you haven’t heard of this place, prepare to be amazed. They sell cookie dough, as if it were ice cream. I got the flavor sugar cookie and I was smiling for the rest of my trip. It was so good and I totally recommend it.


To finish my day, I stat in my hotel room, and finished editing some pics.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun this week in New York, let me know if you like these types of posts, because I’m curious and I’m trying something new!



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