Pink Ruffles + Cold Shoulders



Hello Everyone! In my last “Aesthetic” haul, I showed this cold shoulder ruffle shirt and loved it so much, that I had to show some more of it. This post shows how to style this type of shirt, and the perks of it. I love the color, fabric, and style of this shirt. It’s made my closet seem a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing than I thought. ENJOY!




I got the top from Macy’s and the jeans are from Nordstrom. It was cold outside *Virginia hasn’t gotten the spring memo yet*, but I was still warm because of how thick the fabric is. Its a stiffer than most shirts, but it adds structure to the outfit. Even though it kept me warm outside, I was still able to get comfy under my sister’s sherpa blanket without over heating or sweating. So I would definitely say it is a very weather friendly shirt.




The top can easily be paired with skinny jeans, like I did, but could also be comforted down with other pants. On a Lazy Sunday, the shirt could be worn with comfy black leggings, to contrast the stiffer top. And because the top is so stiff, to provide shape, you can tuck ONLY the front of the shirt in.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment, and I will definitely respond. This is a perfect outfit for a cooler winter day, but Spring Break is coming and I have a lot of really fun blogposts planned. Thank you for reading!











5 thoughts on “Pink Ruffles + Cold Shoulders

  1. girlalert says:

    I love the outfit but unfortunately we don’t have macy’s in england haha but still a great top. I love ruffles as well, they are just so cute you know?

    By the way thx for checking out my blog. It’s small but something nevertheless. Hopefully you could connect to my content and liked it. I have been trying to make it more personal and open and honest so encourage everyone to just be themselves. Basically a platform where no one will get judged and you can voice your opinions. I am glad you stumbled across it.

    If you have any feedback for me please don’t hesitate to tell me or get in contact. xxx

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