Look Book: My Feminist Wardrobe

look book -2.jpg


Hello Everyone! One of my last posts, was about International Women’s Day, so I thought it would be fun to show my “Feminist Wardrobe”. I also am going traveling really soon, so i was wondering if there are any special posts any of you would want to see. You can comment or DM me @rorokdesigns. Enjoy!




This first shirt I got from ROMWE. And the pants are from Macy’s. I love this outfit because it works with so many different occasions and weathers. The shirt is very breathable and loose, but I could always layer it with a sweater to make it work for cooler days. And the pants make it easy to wear anywhere because they are so comfortable and functional. At the beginning of the post, I put a link to my last post. It explains my view on the phrase, “The Future is Female”


Femme Forever


I got this shirt from Macy’s and the pant are from Target.  Femme Forever means always a woman. I liked the shirts for SO many reasons. First of all, I liked the message it said, and the simplicity of it.


The ruffles on side add unique-ness to the sweater, diversifying it from other sweaters. I also love the drama of it. Lately I also have been getting a lot of tops that are that lemonade/ crepe color. (idk, I looked up the exact name of the color)-I included samples of both color in the first picture, at the top.




I hope you enjoyed this post! March is Women’s History Month, so I think this kind of post is perfect for this month. The title does say Feminist Wardrobe, but it could also just be seen as Femme inspired wardrobe. Either one works. Click here to see my Women’s Day post!




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