Aesthetic Fashion Haul!



Hello Everyone! I’m going to be very honest. I haven’t gone shopping… that much. But I did do a little bit of shopping last week. And I thought that everything I got, together, was  aesthetically pleasing. Most of the items are from Macy’s and ROMWE. I love ROMWE❤️❤️so much. I don’t have that many items from ROMWE, because I wanted to make sure that that website was real and the clothes were of good quality. AND IT WAS! And of course, I only bought clothing items that had a reasonable price.


Image result for pink cardigan with pockets


Hehehe. I GOT CARDIGANS. I don’t have cardigans. I love these cardigans. They are made up of a chunky knit. They are really soft and I got one size bigger than I was, so that they could be oversized and soft. The pink one has regular pockets, and the grey one(no picture) has square pockets. And pockets are always a plus.




This pink-cold shoulder- ruffle shirt is probably my favorite. First of all, it was only $5.00. Don’t worry I’ll wait………. The sleeves are a nice length and the material is very breathable yet warm. Small story, the first day I wore it, it only took me 2 hours to get food on it.




Here’s a close up of the ruffle. The picture doesn’t show the pink as well.




I desperately needed some pants. My closet is full of leggings, but I can’t wear leggings to school everyday. So I got some new pants. I wanted to get different colors, but they were completely out of my size in everything. They were around $12.00




I have a grey sweater similar to this, but I thought, “You can never have too many furry sweaters.” It was also on sale for around $10.00.


Image result for the future is female


And from ROMWE, I got this, THE FEMALE IS FUTURE. And you can click here to see the yellow sweater I got. I am doing a special Women’s History month blogpost, and I will go more into depth on why I have that shirt, and the meaning behind it.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s just a small little haul. Feel free to comment or DM me, @rorokdesigns. And I will definitely respond. Don’t forget to follow, so that you can look out for that special blogpost coming.





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