Hello Everyone!💛💛SPRING IS HERE.💛💛You can probably tell that I am very excited. I loveeee spring fashion and weather. I celebrated by online shopping at a new store. I’m not going to say where I got it from, because I might *wink* do a special blogpost about that store*wink*. In the end I was very happy. I got the yellow cropped sweater from that special store and I got the shorts from Target. It might be one of my favorite outfits for the spring.




The only criticism about this shirt, is that it is shorter than I expected to be. It is cropped, but a little more cropped than what the picture showed. I got it a size bigger than I am, which ended up being really good, but it was still kind of short. But, I can easily fix that problem by styling it with some high waisted jeans or shorts. And I did tie a sweater around my waist just for some modesty. 😉😉😉




The fabric was so soft though,  and really good quality. I’ve only worn it once, so I’m not sure if it fades in the washer but it seems like it wouldn’t.  The Yellow is so bright, which is perfect for the weather that I hope is coming. And overall it’s just a great piece to have in my closet, because I don’t have that many yellow items or crop tops.



I hope you enjoyed this post! Think of it as a lovely introduction to spring! Make sure to look out for that special haul post that will be coming soon. I love this shirt and outfit. It can be styled so many different ways for so many different seasons. And sorry some of pics are blurry.




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