DIY Sweater to Bomber Jacket



Hello Everyone! I haven’t sewn in a while, but I thought since my school life was getting back to normal, I would do a small project. This is a project that I saw on youtube and it looked really easy. All you need is one sweater or sweatshirt and one matching zipper. I love how it turned out and it’s perfect for colder days and even those days when the temperature starts out warm and get’s colder in the night.




1. First, get all of the materials out. Make sure that the zipper is long enough for the sweater. I used an 18″ zipper.  I picked gold because I thought it made the jacket look cleaner. But, you can always choose black or a contrasting color. And when choosing a sweater, make sure it is a little oversized. It’ll make the jacket a lot more comfy.


2. Take the sweater, and lay it flat against a smooth surface. Find the middle point and draw a line using chalk. Cut on that line, MAKE SURE YOU ARE only cutting through the top layer of the sweater.




3. Pin the zipper on. Line the outer edges of the zipper with the fabric, good sides together, and sew as far away from the metal part as you can.



you can’t really see it because I used black thread.


4. If you want to go the extra step, you can top stitch the zipper with the same color thread. I used black thread because the sweater is black, but either way is fine. While I did that, I also hemmed the top sections that I missed.





VIOLA! I hope you enjoyed this post! I actually really loved how it came out. It’s something new and really cute. Just to mention it again, I used an 18″ gold/metallic zipper which I got from Joann’s, and I used a 70% off coupon. I paired it with a simple white tee and some black pants, but I might to do blog post on how to style it. Thank you for reading.







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