Face Mask and Tea – Chat with me!



Hello Everyone! What a week! I thought, since a lot has been going on lately, I would do a nice, calm blogpost. I threw on a face mask and made some tea. I’ll just update everyone on some stuff and my life. And some things about me. If you want to chat with me, feel free to comment or DM and I will definitely respond. Slap on a face mask, make some tea, and get comfy and ready for a relaxed blogpost.


Before I start, I just wanted to mention the face mask I used and the tea I drank. I wore a Purifying clay mask and drank a wild-flower-dandelion tea. 


300 Followers! Thank you so much! I am so happy and thankful for everything so far and I can’t wait to see what else happens with Rorokdesigns in the future.


via style cotton. female

via style cotton


Shopping! I made some purchases recently. I found this really cute yellow cropped sweatshirt. Which is great, but, I also got something even more amazing. I got a The Future is female shirt, that I can add to my feminist clothing collection.


Braces! Yes, I have joined the braces….crew. I got them on Monday. They are red. The pain part has passed, thankfully, so it’s getting better.


update: the mask has gotten very tight and my tea mug is almost empty!


ETSY! I sew and have started making clothes for an Etsy store.  I have mentioned this before but I thought it was worth mentioning again. I’m going to start making listings on Etsy. Or if you have a custom order, you can email me. Rorokdesigns@gmail.com. 




Sewing! Lately I haven’t been sewing that much. Although, I have been making alterations to some of my sister’s clothing. And I have a small surprise project that will be on the blog soon.


update: I drank all my tea


I hope you enjoyed this post! Again, thank you for 300 followers. 2018 just started, but so much has already happened. This was just to catch everyone up on some stuff and a way to relax. I am going to start posting some more sewing posts. Tell me in the comments any suggestions on what you would like to see on my blog. I got all my pictures off of Pinterest. 




16 thoughts on “Face Mask and Tea – Chat with me!

  1. DIY gurl says:

    Hey thanks for liking my DIY, I’m Aubrey, I had a lot of fun making it! And I LOVE your blog, it super cute! Just asking, how did you find my blog? I literally made it yesterday!

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  2. alicecatherinebrenner says:

    Hey, I’m new to your blog and I love it <3. I had adult braces too so I feel your pain. The worst is when they are tightened – but every time they do it you are closer to your goal! And it's so worth it. You will have a beautiful smile and it's unreal how much it boosts your confidence!

    Also, do you have a link for your etsy shop?

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