Hugs and Kisses Outfits!

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Hello Everyone! ♥️ Today, I am showing you my two favorite Valentines Day Outfits. One of them is something new. I got it off Amazon and really love the style. The other one is basic jeans and sweater look, I can not get over. I show it in a lot of posts, but it still has a very lovey dovey🌹feeling to it. I paired each of them with different shoes. A quick thank you to my sister for helping me with these pics. ENJOY!




The first outfit is a grey sweater top, with white heart patches on the elbows. I bought it one size to big to make it have a baggier look. I paired it with some black pants and grey converses. I try to match wear mono tone shirt with my converse, to make them match, and these two went great together. It has a comfy look contrasted to the second outfit, which is more flirty and Valentines Day, in an more obvious manor. The one thing I will say, when I received it in the mail, the sleeve was broken. The seams came out and it was a hot mess. I quickly stitched it up. Overall, it’s really chic and still has that Valentines day theme with it.


V Day #1.jpg


The second outfit is a favorite. I’ll start with the skirt, which is handmade. You can see how to make a circle skirt by clicking here. It’s adds shape and volume to the entire outfit which is great, because who doesn’t like a little extra stuff when it comes to fashion.  The picture I showed, doesn’t show the skirt, but it’s what I wore. Everyone knows how much I love this sweater. It is featured in my haul and favorite sweaters posts. It is more Flirty like I said, but it’s also very comfy. I paired it with some black sneakers, to keep the outfit casual but it can always be paired with some classic black boots. I’m thinking of wearing this outfit to my school dance. It goes without saying how much I love these three items together.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I love Valentines Day! It’s my favorite holiday. Chocolate. Hearts. Roses. Hallmark. Wearing that kind of themed clothes, is the best part.  I know I mentioned shoes, but the day of the “photo shoot”, it snowed. Which I’m not complaining about, so I didn’t wear shoes, I wore furry socks. Although, those are the shoes I would have worn. But, I hope you all have an amazing and lovely Valentines Day!





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