Marylyn & Me Jacket Style



Hello Everyone! I recently got a new jacket. It was a long overdue purchase.  I have been needing one for a while. And I FINALLY found one. It was on sale at JC Penny’s, which made it an even better purchase. For me, it’s really hard to find a jacket I like because i have many specific requirements when it comes to jackets. The cold doesn’t affect me as much as it should, so i often don’t wear jackets. Finding a jacket that wasn’t too puffy, but at the same time was still warm is what i needed to do. And we all know how amazing zipper pockets are on jackets. It is also in great condition and seems to be durable.





It has nice zipper pockets, although there aren’t hidden pockets on the inside. The furry hood is very helpful when it comes to keeping my ears warm, but it’s not itchy like some jackets are.




The sleeves fit really well. They don’t feel tight when I bend my arms and don’t bunch up.   Overall the fit is pretty good. The only thing I have to say, that is negative, is that it is kind of big. Unzipped it looks okay, but when I zip it up, it creates an unflattering cone shape. But I usually don’t zip it up all the way, so it doesn’t bother me.




I hope you enjoyed this post! This jacket is perfect for the on and off weather in Virginia, and it also would just be a great piece to have in your closet. Sorry this was a shorter post. Look out for a special Valentines Day Outfit, that will be up by the end of the week.



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