My 2018 Bullet Journal + Small Announcement

BULLETpicture credit: zen of planning


Hello Everyone! This was highly requested, so here it is! At the beginning of 2018, I started my first bullet journal. Over the past month, I have gotten much better at Bullet Journaling. Because I am not very artsy. My bullet journal isn’t as artsy and pretty as most since it mainly used to organize my life. But…. I have gotten better and it does look pretty good. I only have it done up to February. Yet I have learned a lot. Like Calligraphy. I thought learning how to do calligraphy would up my bullet journal game. I just took some simple pictures of my February spread and my favorite pages.  I also have a small announcement having to do with spring break.


First, I thought I would give a layout of my bullet journal, and then all of the pictures are down below, in order!


*I didn’t include pictures of everything, because some of them weren’t very good looking or finished*



  1. Key – has all the bullet’s and their meanings
  2. Index – which I have to update
  3. 2018 Goals  
  4. Monthly log 
  5. Blogpost Ideas – I just put spur of the moment ideas here
  6. Blogpost calendar – It’s just a nice calendar where I can see if I have kept up a sturdy schedule and if there is a good balance of different types of posts. My version of my year in pixels
  7. Good Days log – It’s just a place I can write when I have good days so I can always remember them!
  8. Movies to watch 
  9. Science Fair Planning –  this year, I thought I would benefit a lot more, if I stayed organized when I came to my science fair!
  10. January Month Calendar – The whole month calendar, and some goals
  11. January daily log – my everyday log for January
  12. INTRO TO FEBRUARY – this is where the journal starts to look up
    1. a little note: February is spelled with an “r”after the b. I learned something new! *can you tell I am bad at spelling* #grammar-only
  13. February calendar
  14. Daily log for February –  I practiced my calligraphy for with this part

THAT’S ALL I HAVE for now, here are some pictures.






















I hope you enjoyed this post. I know my journal isn’t the best, but it has really helped me this year. I am getting better. Feel free to give suggestions for future blogpost or if you have any tips for bullet journaling. OR if you would like to just chat. You can also DM on Instagram, @rorokdesigns.


SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT: I am trying to plan out my spring break blog posts and I was wondering if there was a special type of post you would want me to do. I will be going to NYC and San Diego, because of my mom’s job, but i will still have a lot of free time to blog. SOOOO, let me know if there is a special spring break post or if you have suggestions on posts for spring break too.



10 thoughts on “My 2018 Bullet Journal + Small Announcement

  1. jinkohisui says:

    I loved the idea you gave for the contents to be put in a bullet journal! I’m so stuck sometimes and I just ended up doing the same kind of pages over and over again. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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