The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tag + Fashion



Hello Everyone! I got/am really when I saw this tag on a bunch of blogs. I am a huge friends fan. I chose different questions from different blogs. But…. my twist is, I included fashion related questions throughout the post, like my favorite outfit or accessory. I also have a disclaimer, that some of the pictures I used, are just pictures I have collected from off the internet. *Pinterest*’


Favorite Episode?

I don’t have one. They all put me on emotional roller coasters.


Least Favorite Episode?

The One Where they are on a break.  It just breaks my heart, when ross and Rachel break up.



Who Is Your Favorite Friend?

JOEYYYYYYYY! He is so funny and cute and relatable. It’s ok Joey, I don’t share food either.


Rachel's Outfit Collage


Favorite Rachel Outfit?

First, let me say that I LOVE her style.; Her waitress outfits to her lounge outfits at the apartment are all wonderful. My favorite, is the outfit with the white sweater, plaid skirt, and knee high socks.


Least Favorite Friend?

If I was forced to choose,  I would pick Chandler. Just because of process of elimination.




Which Friend Best Represents Yourself?

A mixture of Rachel and Monica. I think that I have Rachel’s fashionable-ness and I have Monica’s OCD and she is such a strong character, which I think I have a little bit of.




Your Favorite Quote?

Rachel: He’s so pretty I want to cry!

Me: Same girl, sameee.


Which of Phoebe’s Songs Is Your Favorite?

Smelly Cat! Next.


What Is Your Favorite Season?

Do I have to choose???! I feel like the entire show is one large season. I choose the entire series.


Which Is Your Favorite Episode(s) Not Set In New York?

The one is Barbados. Monica’s hair.




Favorite Romantic Pairing?

Brad Pitt and me.  Ross and Rachel because they are lobsters.  But….. I also love Tag, Just him. No Rachel. Just Tag.


Favorite Secondary Character?

Tag. Have I mentioned how much I love him? ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 


Least Favorite Secondary Character?

Anyone who dated Ross, other than Rachel. I don’t like it when he dates anyone else because he obviously belongs with her and anyone else isn’t right for him.


Favorite Wedding?

Phoebe and Mike’s. It’s one of the many weddings(thanks Ross) that nothing bad happens.  I hope the dog is ok.




Favorite Phoebe Outfit

Her outfits are very… whimsical. But, I do like her Fluffy Orange Coat. It’s the coat she wore when she found out about Monica and Chandler.


Favorite Ross Sweater?


Favorite Joey accessory? His leather jacket. It’s his classic look. Leather Jacket with a white shirt and jeans.



I hope you enjoyed this post! I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s an amazing, classic. Let me know in the comments, your answer to any of these questions or your favorite character. Don’t forget you can always chat with me in the comments, or dm me on IG, @rorokdesigns. I hope everyone has a great February!




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