3 Sweater Styles

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Hello Everyone! If you saw my latest haul blogpost, which you can see if your click here, then you saw a couple of these sweaters. I am kind of obsessed with Sweaters escpecailly during the winter time. I chose some of my favorite sweaters and the most diverse sweaters, Furry to Ruffles. Keep reading to see some information on how to contact me or how you can put requests for this blog. The embroidered sweater is from Abercombrie. The  Pink shirt is from Macy’s. And I couldn’t stop myself from including a clothing item from target. So….. The furry sweater is from Tar-zhay, (target). Enjoy.




I got it from Abercombrie for $15.00 with a additional discount. I love it so much! Usually its really hard to fin a really great sweater that fits right, feels right, and isn’t too expensive. The fit is probably one of my favorite things about it. It was the right amount of slouchy and not slouchy. Lately I’ve also been seeing a lot more embroidery styled clothing in stores and in life. I think it’s safe to say I’m in love. I would style this sweater with jeans and  boots  or matching converses.


Femme Forever


Quick little talk, recently there was the women’s rights march. And although I didn’t go, because I was sick, and looked at a lot of the pictures on IG. I am a huge feminist. My phone case says feminist. I follow women rights topics on social media and in the news and I just instantly was drawn to the shirt. I loved this shirt not only because I can add it to my feminist clothing item collection, but because it is very different. The sleeves and the ruffles down the side were something new and perfect.  I usually wear them with black leggings and sometimes jeans, depending on how I felt. You can also see some more about this shirt, by clicking here to see it in a previous haul post.




This is another sweater from my haul, which you can see if you click the link at the top. This sweater is actually a women’s size, but it is an extra small so it ended up fitting me perfectly. I got it from target for, wait for it….. $7!!!!!! Target was having a huge sale and you know me, I had to buy the store, I just had to. I wear this sweater to school a lot, which means I wear collared shirt with it because of dress code. It is just a really great piece to have in your closet.



I hope you enjoyed this post!I had a lot of fun taking these pictures and sharing my favorite sweaters, all though aren’t all sweaters awesome. I also wanted to mention that I do take requests. If you have a special blogpost idea you would like me to do or a review, comment on any of my posts or DM me @rorokdesigns. If you would like to email me thats also fine. Rorokdesigns@gmail.com. But also feel free to email and or dm me even if it is for a request, if you would like to chat, I would love to too.




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