Aesthetic Fashion Wishlist for 2018!



HELLO EVERYONE! I am doing something that I saw on another blog I really like, Sarah and Ellie. It’s a fashion wishlist. And after I did the aesthetic tag, I use the collage maker whenever I can. I have listed a bunch of things on my wish list for this year and I am going to try my best to come across them and or if it’s easy enough I will make them. AND I am also very excited for an upcoming style blogpost I am currently working on.


I’m not sure if this happens to you, but my blogging writing activity is a roller coaster. I have these moments where my head is flooded with ideas and I spit them out onto WordPress’s and create really nice posts. There are other moments where I am not motivated to blog and or I am so busy I can’t which always makes me sad. But, no need to fear! I am at the top of this roller coaster and have a lot of awesome posts coming soon. 🙂



Sweater Collage


*takes a deep breathe* I love chunky sweaters. I love them. I probably don’t need anymore but they are always going to remain on my wish list. Something about them always get me excited. although I am probably going to have to wait until the end of the   year when the weather is more fitting.


shorts collage


I love pinterest, and I often see these shorts all over it. I love how classy and cute they look. Most of the shorts I own are tight and fitted. So it would be nice to have something new in my wardrobe. I’m also loving the color palette they have although I’m sure there are a lot more choices. And the bow in the front is so stylish and almost, perfect.


shoe pompom collage


This is going to be hard to believe, but I don’t have that many shoes. I have a lot of clothes but only 3 pairs of shoes. These pom pom shoes have been on social media a lot and they look really fun. I have made a lot of items involving pom poms. You can see them by clicking here and here. They look so cute and furry.


cropped shirt collage.jpg


There are so many types of crop tops and I think that any tip is really cute. Especially for the spring and summer, wearing crop tops is one of the highlights for me. I usually pair in with pants and some times shorts, but it depends on the fit of the shorts. I also like that there are different kinds like strapless, and SWEATER CROP TOPS. Again, my over obsession with sweaters can be seen through my love for crop tops. And some of the pictures I saw were very fun and the graphic tee aspect was really cute.


Sunglasses collage.jpg


I need a good pair of sunglasses. I have one but it’s on the brink of sudden combustion for old age. I’ve had them for 2 years, and I think it is time for some new ones. I liked the pink and gold tinted glasses. They all look classy and sleek. And I wanted to try aviators. I have noticed that they are really popular in LA, and other fashion forward places and thought they looked nice.


VOILA! I hope you enjoyed this post! I just wanted to say, that these are things I want and don’t actually need because I am very grateful to have the things I have. The pictures are mainly from Pinterest and most of them are just off the internet. But I think I had to most fun making the collages. Have a great end of January. *Sorry this post was kind of lengthy, I had a lot to mention and or say*




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