Fabric Shopping Tips and Hacks!



Hello Everyone! I’ve been fabric shopping a lot lately because I needed some new winter clothes and it’s the Holiday season, so there are a lot of sales. I have made a post of my shopping experience, CLICK HERE, but here are some tips and hacks.


1.  Walk Around before Picking. Trust me, walking around with rolls of fabric in your hand is not fun. It’s better to walk around and see all of your options, before settling on one.




2. Look at the width. If yours a sewing pattern, there are different instructions for different widths, make note of it by looking at the bottom of the roll. This helps so you don’t have to measure or go back to see the width.


3. COUPONS! Come prepared with coupons. This way you can look out for certain sections at the store.


4. Lighting. This always helps me find the true color of the fabric. I hold my phone’s flashlight up to the fabric because it shows the color in a different light.




5. Make sure! Don’t just feel the fabric once, stroke it a couple times to make sure you actually know how it feels. 


6. Don’t forget to check the On Sale section. My favorite part of the Fabric store is the sale section. If you know me, you know that I love to save money. The sale section has really amazing fabrics for really low prices.




7. Pick up a catalog at the front. Not all stores have these, but I like to pick up the magazines at the front of the store to see all of the fabrics and sales to watch out for.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting that much, I am sick*yay*.  All of the pictures are from my visit to NYC when I went to see Moods Fabric Store.




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