Parsons School-How to make a Mockuckup



Hello Everyone! As some of you know, I am doing an online parsons industry course. One of my recent assignments was how to make a mockup. I learned what a mockup was and it’s importance. Here is how I made mine and some information on a mockup. And I did use some recycled of scrpas of a larger piece of fabric.


A Mockup: A model of a product, e.i. apparel or accessories, that is usually made of muslin or paper.






My First Try: I tried a smaller version of a bag. Although it was not as sophisticated or useable, it came out like a bag. That was all I was asking for.




My Second Try: I tried a larger version of the previous one. I just wanted to see if the “template” I made worked out and it wasn’t a one time thing.


I continued to make some more bags or mockups. Although for the sake of completing the tasks, these are the only ones I finished. It was really fun to try and I did learn a lot. I hope you enjoyed this post!







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