First 2018 Fashion Haul



Hello Everyone! I wanted to start the new year, very refreshed and, well.. NEW! I got some new clothes, bath products, and more. In addition to my shopping, I cleaned my closet out and donated it. The stores I shopped for included, Abercombrie, Lush, and of course, TARGET! They were mostly on sale, because some of the clothes these stores sell are way over priced.





I couldn’t stop myself from getting a cold shoulder shirt. It is soft and something I didn’t realize from from the pic online was that the logo is actually sequined.




This is the best sweater I have ever seen. It is so soft and it fits me really well.








I also got some leggings. They have sparkly stripes down the side.




This was a bonus sweatshirt. I had to get over $50.00 and I loved how cozy and warm it was.




Target. I love target so much. This sweater was 30% off with an addition 20%. It is super soft and the inside is really nice.


Image result for lush lavender bath bomb


Lush. I finally got something from lush. I got this really nice face mask that I have yet to use, but am really excited. And I also got a really colorful bath bomb.*finally*


I hope you enjoyed this post! So far 2018 has been a pretty good year and I can’t wait to wear and tryout the new things I got. And this weekend I am going to go to donate some stuff.



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