Trying a 3 Step Face Mask

IMG_9143 2


Hello Everyone! I received this Face Mask Set as a present, so I am trying them all out and reviewing them. I did this over the span of a week. There are three different types and they have different meanings and scents. I am so glad I got this little set because it really worked. It helps to do them over the span of a week. Included in this post are some reviews for each one and if they worked or not.


IMG_9148 3.jpg


First you wash your face.

Then you are supposed to gently unfold it. It took me a while to unfold it.

You adjust it over your face with the cloth side facing down.

And remove the backing.

The first time I removed the backing it didn’t work and I had to unfold it again


IMG_9146 2


I did this one first. It didn’t specify if there was an order to do these in, so I just used it when the occasion was right. This one was for Blemished skin. While it was on my face it tingled and felt really good.


Something I realized after doing this one, is that it helps to refridgerate them before use.


IMG_9145 2


I liked this one a lot too, but it was a lot more moist that the other ones. It had water dripping off of the front excessively. It smelled really good tho.


IMG_9144 2


There was nothing wrong with this one. I was really nice and calming.


IMG_9147 2


I totally recommend this. It was difficult at first, but got easier. I’m thinking of getting some more, because I have really bad acne and this is really helping. There was definitely a change after I used them all.




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