How to make Fun Pajama Pants!



Hello Everyone! We all make mistakes. When I bought this fabric, I mixed it up with another type of flannel and switched the measurements I wanted for them. I ended up with 1 yard of fabric of this. My sister REALLY wanted pants because she doesn’t like shorts, so I had to get creative. I took some purple-blue knit fabric and used it to make the pants longer. This turned out to be a good mistake, because it came out really good. And the print is so cute and really really really fun!




They are the hot-dog dogs. There are 4 different colors.




1. Layout your pattern. 




Here is everything cut out. I made the extension by tracing the bottom on another piece of fabric. Cut 4 individual pieces of fabric for the bottom.




Sew the sides of the extensions and the curves for the main part.




Sew the main part normally.




Turn the extension right side out and attach them to the pants. MAKE AURE TO KEEP RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.




Sew on the waistband to the top of it.




Lastly, hem the raw edges.


VOILA! This was super fun to make. It’s actually going to be Christmas present for my sister. shhhhh…… But I’m glad I didn’t have enough fabric for them, because the way I made them are much better then they would’ve been. Pajama Pants make really great gifts for the holidays and just regular days. Happy Holidays!




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