My Christmas Wish List!


Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays!  I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, it has been a little hectic at my house, but I’m back. I thought I would share my Christmas wish List with you all because it’s actually pretty interesting.


1. A Joann’s Fabric Gift card. I really like gift cards especially when they are for fabric stores.



2. LUSH BATH BOMBS! Lush is a store that sells bath and body, and they sell bnthbombs. I’ve never actually used one, but I have seen them many times and they look so cool.



3. Furry Cat Charger. I have see this everywhere. I feel like it would be a good travel charger and it goes with my bedroom.


4. Old (washed) Clothes. I know this sounds weird, but I really like them. I can upcycle them and people don’t have to waste any money.



Image result for bunny velvet slippers


5. Bunny Slippers. It’s getting cold and I also have been seeing these really soft and cozy looking slippers everywhere. They look really nice.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great holiday and winter break!




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