December FASHION + SEWING Plans



Hello Everyone! Let’s pause a moment *pause* I GOT SOME GREY UGGS! I’m so excited, but getting back on topic, I’m super sorry I posted this so late, but I had a lot of tests and places to go to. But I thought it would be fun to do a planning blogpost of what I’m going to be doing for my favorite (and busiest) moth of the year. There are a lot of things I have planned for the Holidays, some gifts, and maybe food! Most of these will have corresponding DIY posts in the future when I make them, sooooo look out for those!


I am not guaranteeing that I will make all of these, but I really hope to!




1. A Furry Sweater! Throwback to the Black Friday post. I got some furry fabric on SALE and I am making it into a cardigan.




2. A Crossed Sweater with trimming! You may recognize this along with some other ideas because of previous posts!


3. I REALLY WANT TO MAKE A NEW APRON! It’s Christmas Cookie Season, which means a lot of baking. For me, it means I a lot of messiness. I need a new apron, because of previous messes, so this is definitely a must make or maybe I’ll buy a long lasting one.


4. I hoard fabric sometimes, especially after doing a huge haul. My sister needs new PJ pants to wear, and I bought a bunch of really cute printed flannel fabric. I will most likely use them to actually make her some PJs.



These are some of the sweaters I made


5. Here’s a fashion idea. I want to do a Sweater Haul for the Cold Weather coming up. Maybe I’ll do a try on post instead of buying them all depending on how much they cost.



This is something I was thinking of mass producing and selling. 


6. During winter break, when I have a lot of free time, I’m going to set up an ETSY SHOP! *future self promotion* In the very near future, Etsy will have a new seller. I will start selling some clothing I make! Something else I noticed, was that WordPress added a new sell button. Maybe I’ll try that out.


7. Last but not least, something I have been looking forward to make during the winter, is a Square-Poncho-Sweater-thing. I’m not quite sure what it’s called but I am going to do some research!




Lastly, I thought I would share a pic of my very special grey Uggs!


I hope you enjoyed  this post! Have any of you used the sell button on WordPress or would be open to buying items through it? I have a lot of great things planned for December and I can’t wait!





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