Winter Fashion Haul



Hello Everyone! I went shopping. Originally, I was just getting some clothes for a Model UN conference, but ended up seeing so many deals and buying a lot more. We went to a lot of stores, including Ambercombrie, Macy’s, and more. Here are some of the clothes I got.




I loved this sweater, it has ruffles on the shoulder part of the sweater. On the front it says, “FEMME FOREVER”




This sweater has slits on the arms and I really loved the grey and pink print.


IMG_6788 2


On this top, there is a ruffle strand across the upper part. It is very fitted and soft.




This is a almost cropped sweatshirt and the hood has some embroidered flowers on it. It also has a drawstring through the hood.




I found this sweatshirt that I’ll probably use for when I go on runs. It’s like a thick neoprene fabric. BUT, it’s also crossed in the front.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun and the reason I didn’t buy most of these was because they were overpriced, but I did mention the price on the ones I did by.


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