How to Make a Pom Pom SWEATER!


My sister posing, as well as she can while not liking pictures

Hello Everyone! Yes anohther sweater. If you saw my Black Friday Post, then you now know what the surprise is. This DIY is really fun and different and easy. You can choose to add the pom pom to a sweater you already own, but I made mine from scratch. I already made a post on how to make a warm sweater, CLICK HERE. The size of the pom poms can vary, I used mini-rainbow ones, but that’s because my sister liked them better.




1. First make the Sweater.




2. Get the pom poms out and decide  if you want a pattern or if you want them to be scattered. I scattered them.




3. Mark where you want the pom poms and hand sew them on.




4. After they are all on, Sew the an OPPTIONAL  tag to the back. My sister special requested it.




VOILA! I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m not joking, when I say that this was probably one of the most fun things I’ve made in a while! It’s a great gift idea for the Holidays, or for yourself.  It’s also a really fun way to bedazzle a sweater you already own.




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