Cozy Holiday Look



Hello Everyone! Although thanksgiving isn’t here yet, I already made an outfit for it. To see how I made the sweater keep reading to see the link. I always were loose clothing for Thanksgiving for obvious reasons but this sweater is very comfortable and soft. It’s  one of my favorites.

*I’m wearing pants in the picture, but I’m featuring the matching shorts I made*



The Shorts match with the sweater. They have an elastic waist band so that it stretches when I eat. Since I spend thanksgiving curled up with a blanket watching movies with the my family, the shorts don’t overheat me. I also love them because of how well they are tailored.




The Sweater is a grey knit color. I made it from scratch. The fabric is a stretchy knit so it’s thin and soft. I made the sleeves extra long so that it would give the ballon-ish arm effect.




The boots are my favorite. They are just regular black boots with a small lift. And they’re comfortable and stylish!




I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanksgiving is a great holiday and there are many different kinds of outfits you can wear. I hope you have a great THANKSGIVING!




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