How to Make a Cozy Sweater



Hello everyone! I MADE A SWEATER! *yay* I love making sweaters. This is a very easy DIY and it requires little sewing. I used a knit/fleece fabric and it took me less than one day to make. I bought 1 1/2 yards of fabric, but it depends on the size of the sweater. The fabric I’m using is so stretchy and warm. And I wanted the length to be longer but not to long so I made it where my wrists were on my hips. And my signature sleeves, extra extra long. It’s also perfect for the winter! And I had some extra fabric so I made matching shorts!




1. Make your pattern. or just use a sweater as reference


2. Lay the pattern on the double fold and cut.




3. Put right sides together and sew the under arm seam and over the arm seams.




4. Put the sleeve pieces right side together and sew.




5. Flip the sleeves right side out and attach them to the sweater.




OPTIONAL: I made mine extra long so after I trimmed it I made a waistband. 




6. Hem everything.


OPPTIONAL: Cut cufflinks for the sleeves.


I hope you enjoyed this post!  This was really fun to make and I loved how the sweater turned out! Don’t forget to like and follow!




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