Curtains to Flowy Wide Legged Pants!



Hello Everyone! In this picture, the crotch wasn’t sitting correctly. This is something I’ve been planning for a while! It’s fairly easy and requires very little sewing. And you all know I love upcycling projects! Especially ones that you can wear in ANY weather! I apoligize for not putting in many pictures, but CLICK HERE  if you would like to see a more detailed DIY for regular pants. I was in the sewing zone, and I forgot to take pictures of the simpler steps.




1. Fold the fabric in half. And mark the middle point.




2. Lay the front pattern of the pants about 5-10 inches away from the middle point. The more space the flow-ier.

( this picture is the back part, being placed 5-10 inches away from the mid point)




3. I used the top of the curtain as the waistband.

Later I found out that it was not a good way and I created more work for myself and made it complicated. I recommend making your own waistband, but I will still show you how I did it. 


4. Cut it out. leaving seam allowance.


5. Sew the curves.


6. Fold it in like you would regularly do for pants.




7. Sew the waistband part like the picture.


8. Add Elastic!


9. Hem the bottom. Make sure to tuck it in twice while hemming, because this fabric frays easily.




10. I had extra fabric, so I added a pocket: Cut it out




11. Sew it in.

VOILA! It shouldn’t take too long. And it’s fairly easy. The outcome is great and there are many ways to customize it. It took me a little while, but mainly because I made things harder for myself! But, It still came out well! I hope you enjoyed this post!



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