My Kitten Lady and Cat + Fashion Fundraiser Experience!



Hello Everyone! Sorry for the long title, but this is going to be long one! This past weekend, I went to a Fundraiser event! First, I met the kitten lady. Then went around to view the venues. Here are some of the highlights of this experience.


I met the kitten lady. For those of you who don’t know her, she rescues kittens as a profession. In addition to that, she spreads awareness of feline health, community cats, and more kitty related stuff. I personally, think she’s awesome and I love her job! I met her, and got some merch! I listened to her talk about her job and some other cat related stuff. She even signed a paper and made it out to my kitty, Shiva! Here are some pics.






It was a fundraiser. There were many booths with different things, including pet related companies. But, there were also clothing, jewelry, book companies. I had a lot of fun looking at them and getting a complimentary cat-mug cosy! Here are some MORE pics.



Ignore my sister’s arm




This was my favorite part! Wine and mini chocolates were there for purchase. There was a large variety of chocolate flavors, including a cinnamon-caramel filled chocolate. And a bacon one. But since there was only only legal drinker and driver with me, no one had the pleasure of drinking any wine. It did smell good, if you like the smell of wine. (IDK if anyone else does this, but before someone I’m with drinks wine, I ask to smell it)





Care baskets were spread throughout the event. each one was a different theme. Some of my favorite ones, that I put a ticket in were, a fashion, art, and boardgames one. It was fun to just look at them.





When we first pulled up to the farm-ish setting where the event was, there was a gelato truck! Honestly, I was more excited about the gelato then the actual event. Until… I realized it was 20 degrees outside, so I got HOT apple cider instead. Across from the gelato truck, was a cat adoption truck. I was a little iffy about this. On the one hand, it was bringing cats for adoption to more places. But they were also in such tight cages. It was still pretty cool.


My sister, again


I had a really great time. The Kitten Lady participates in events like this all over the U.S. Scroll up for her website or look up The Kitten Lady! to see more pictures of my experience, follow me on Insta and Pinterest! I hope you enjoy this post!




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