How to Make an 1/4 zipper Pullover


Hello Everyone! First of all, I am amazed of how well this turned out! This was my first 1/4 zipper pullover. And it’s getting cold out, but not cold enough to pull out one of those heavy duty jackets. Shopping for one of these, I found a lot of overpriced ones. Soooo, I thought it would be better to make one. This is a pretty quick project. And I didn’t use a pattern. I made one from my mother’s jacket and then downsized the pattern to fit my measurements. I used, 1 1/2 yards of a fleece like fabric and a 7 inch zipper.




1. Make the pattern or use you have!




3. Sew the bottom and top parts of the sleeves




4. Sew the sleeves to the front and back




5. Put the sleeves aside. Take the side piece and front and back pieces. Sew them all together. The front piece, when pinned, should look like this.




6. Sew the back to the front.




7. Sew the sleeves.

7a. Match the underarm seams before sewing. So that it all the seams match up when folded.




8. Cut a piece of fabric, on the fold that can fit around your hand.




9. Fold it and sew it. Then fold it together and sew it.




10. Sew the hand cuffs to the sleeve.




11. Take the collar and fold it, good sides to good sides, and sew. Flip it right sides out. And hem the sides.




12. Add the zipper.




13. Hem the bottom of the hoodie.


14. Snip all of the threads and do fine touches.




VOILA! I hope you enjoyed this post! It was pretty easy and simple. You don’t necessarily have to follow the instructions I gave, because you can really do it any way you want to. There are so many different styles. This took me 2 days. It is a little harder than most of my previous ones. But the outcome is great!







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