I Went Fabric Shopping!



Hello Everyone! It’s getting cold outside, so I’m making A LOT of winter clothes. I stocked up on some fabric, because of an awesome sale. Next week, the Veterans Day sale is also going to be great. SO GO TO JO-ANN Fabrics!!! But here are some of the things I got and how I saved a lot of money.




This Flannel whale printed fabric, is for some pj pants for my sister. Something I love about this fabric, is that it is really stretchy. It was 50% off. In the end, I got 1 yard of this fabric for $4.00.




This is also a flannel fabric for some pajamas. It’s a holiday print, so it was $2. I got 1 yard of this.




My Favorite! I got a blue-ish – Grey-ish fleece. It’s an anti-pill fleece. I’m making a jacket, for my self, and this fleece is really great. I got 2 yards of this and it ended up being $8.00 in total.



The additional things. I ran out of elastic, so I bought some more, using a coupon. And the jacket I’m making requires a zipper. Together, they cost $7.00


I hope you enjoyed this post! I ended up saving $17.93, and spent $16.64. I’d say it was a success. Have any of you ever saved this much?





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