How to Make a Pattern out of your own clothes!


Hello Everyone! I use this hack a lot. I like duplicating my clothes but changing them a bit. And I don’t like spending money on sewing patterns. So, this comes in handy.
CONSIDER, this as part one of a big project I’m doing. This will show how I got the pattern for it. I recommend using parchment paper or newspaper because they are both really sturdy and durable, in case you want to reuse this pattern.

I’m using my mother’s jacket to trace it and then I will downsize it. It is the same type of jacket I want, just bigger. This is mostly just step 1, 2,3, Repeat.




1. Fold the item in half, so that it has the main seams on the side.


You can use paper weights to keep the paper down. Or, if you just moved sewing rooms like I did, you can use household items. I used extra large paper clips. 




2. Trace around onto parchment paper(I used that) or newspaper.




3. Cut it out. Label it too. If it has a fold line, which they almost always have, then mark which side it is. Mark how many you need to cut and where the grain line is.


For this specific pattern, I will show all of the markings I wrote on them, for the next post on how to make this jacket!






I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments! This blogpost applies to any article of clothing, because it is very vague.  But in the near future, there might be specific ones.


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