How to make an Circle apron!


Hello Everyone! First of all,  if you want to refresh your memory of how to make an circle skirt, because I showed how to do the calculations on that blog post, CLICK HERE! I made this apron for my halloween costume. I was a Central Perk Waitress from Friends! This is also an upcycling project. You will need less than half a yard and a pair of pants.




  1. First cut out a half circle that can go around half of your waist. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW!





2. Take your pair of pants and cut out a strip of fabric that can go around your waist twice. Make sure it is 3 inches wide.


3. Fold over the long side 1/2 an inch and sew it down. Fold it in half again and sew the strap down so that it looks like the picture above.



4. Then hem all edges of the skirt/apron part except for the waist part.




5. find the half points of the strap and skirt’s waist. Pin the center points together with the right side facing right side. Match the strap along the rest of the WAIST only!




6. Sew it.


7. After you sew it, flip in right side out and top stitch it.



8. Hem the short edges of the strap.


VOILA! This Circle Apron is very easy to make! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. I hope you all have/had an amazing Halloween. I recommend using cotton to make this and ironing helped me sew this.



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