Things I love about October


Hello Everyone! I know October has started and I’m a little late, but thankfully it’s not over yet. Feel free to comment your favorite thing about October in the comment section. So here are 7 things that I love about October.


1. THE COLORS! All of the colors, red, orange, brownish leaves. They all blend well and I like looking out the car or when I go on runs, seeing all of them.

2. STARBUCKS! I think we can all agree that the drinks in October that Starbucks specialize are the best! Some of them are only available in the fall or in October.

3. FALL FASHION! Of course I love the fashion in October! It’s the first month where it is actually cold enough to wear cozy sweaters or sweatpants while feeling comfortable.

4. PUMPKIN SEASON! In October almost every grocery store has pumpkins for sale. Carving them and using the insides to make pie is the best part.

5. FALL HALLMARK MOVIES! I absolutely loveeeee hallmark movies. Although the fall movies aren’t as great as the Christmas holiday ones, they are still pretty awesome!

6. THE WEATHER! I actually prefer the cold. But, in October, it’s not freezing cold. It’s the perfect temperature.

7. Last but not least, Halloween. I don’t know if you all like this, but I really enjoy making Halloween costumes. I love being creative about them.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great October.  Don’t forget to comment your favorite thing about October and the comments and like this post!


Photo Credit: CU NY


3 thoughts on “Things I love about October

  1. sewingatmidnight says:

    My birthday is in October, so I am never really sure if October is my favorite because of that, or if I really just like it! I like that the air smells like change. It always seems a little bit electrified to me. The wind sounds prettier too.


  2. thatfabricfeelingcom says:

    All your reasons to love October are wonderful and I love the cat costumes. I have tried to dress up our guinea pigs (full disclosure, with store-made costumes) and our dogs, but sadly they really, really don’t like it. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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