Easy DIY Pet Costume


Hello Everyone! Halloween is coming. Making costumes is the best part about it! This pet costume only took me 10 minutes, maybe less. It’s suitable for all pets( maybe not birds). There are many ways to take it to another level or take it down a notch. You can bedazzle it it different way to make it cuter and better.


1.  Start out by measuring your pet’s head . This is just how you want to the strap to sit . Then use that measurement and cut out a piece of strap fabric or a thick piece of fabric.


2. If you decide to use a thick piece of fabric. Fold it at the sides and then fold it in the middle.




3. Fold the strap in half with right sides together. Sew with a straight stitch a 1/4 inch from the edge. Then use the zig zag stitch to hem the side.




4. Set this piece aside. Take some white felt.  Cut out a 2 pieces of the felt like the picture above.


5. Fold it in half and sew a straight stitch at the bottom. This makes both of the ears.


6. Take the white ears and leave them bad sides out and sew them onto the strap.



7. Take some yarn. Cut it to the length hat you think suits your pet. Cut twenty identical pieces of it.


8. Take a smaller piece of yarn and tie it around all of the yarn you cut. But tie it so that on one side there is a couple inches of yarn and on the other side there should be a lot more yarn depending on how much you cut it.


9. Hot glue the hair in the middle of both ears so that the shorter side is in the front.




VOILA! I hope you enjoyed this post! This is a super easy costume and Shiva looks so cute in it. There are so many ways to make this simple costume into different kinds of costumes. Like adding a horn to make it a unicorn or add googgly eyes and pipe cleaners to make it a she-alien. Have a great halloween!



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