Hello Everyone! Happy Halloween. I really like halloween because I enjoy making fun costumes. this year, I’m not making mine, but I’m making some for friends and family. The major one I’m making is a Pusheen Onsie.  It is a normal once with rainbow hair.  I am making it from scratch. I’m also making tulle headbands to bedazzle a Netflix and Chill costume. And as usual, Shiva (my kitty) is going to have a costume. But that’s a whole other blog post! Here are some tips I have found helpful when sewing or making something for Halloween. And some pictures of past DIY halloween costumes.




1. Map it out. Make a map of it. List everything you need for it. Make a designs especially if it has many components. This helps to keep everthing organized.




2. Schedule. Make a schedule of when you are going to do things. It will help you make sure that you know when you are doing things and make sure that you don’t work on the whole thing at the last minute.


3. Take advantage of Halloween Sales. Everyone knows about holiday sales. These types of sales help out a lot when it comes to the total cost. Sooo, take advantage of these sales when it comes to fabric, thread, embellishments, etc.




4. Don’t bite off more than you can choose.  If you know that you won’t have enough time or if it’s just too much don’t do it. Do something you know you can do or try. It will help in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, try something new, just don’t do tooooooo much!


5. Choose something interesting. Halloween is about fun a “poppy-ness” If your going to make something make something vvid. Unless the costume is n’t supposed to be because in that case skip this tip.


6. Think of something unique. Unique costumes always look great. This way no one can critise them and it’s something different.




7. Have Fun! Halloween only comes once a year. If it’s too stressful or your not enjoying it, don’t do it. It’s a really great holiday to make something really funky. Don’t ruin it by not enjoying it.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great Halloween! Tag me in your halloween pics on Instagram(@rorokdesigns) and I will like it! Don’t forget to like this post and follow me!



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