Upcycled Circle Shirt


HELLO EVERYONE! I am doing something new, I’m going to start selling clothes. 25 % of the profits, I will donate to charity, because you all know how important that is to me.  If you would like to buy one of these Circle Shirts, from me, email me at Rorokdesigns@gmail.com for details on the shirt, sizes, and price. You can also ask questions in the comments. But, if you would rather make it, here is a HOW TO of how to make one out of an old shawl.




1. First, lay your fabric (shawl) out. Fold it twice and put clips at the edges to prevent it from fraying. That is optional, but , if you are using a light weight fabric like I was, then, it helps a lot to keep it in place.




2. Mark the neck line. I made a circle with a radius of 3 inches.  Cut on the line drawn. If you would like a more detailed instructions on how to do this, go to my CIRCLE SKIRT POST.




3. Much like the neck, do the same thing for the bottom but a little different. Start on the folded side. Go as far down as you need to in terms of length. Then use the circle technique and mark. Once you reach the opposing side, stop. This will make a half circle like shape.




This is what it should look like when you are done.




4. Measure around your arm and divide that number in half. Mark in down from the top of the shirt where the neck line is. From that point DOWN sew, with right sides facing each other.




5. The last thing to do is hem the bottom and the sleeves, unless the shawl was already hemmed.




This is pretty easy to make! It just takes some time and pateince  like most things. You can email me at Rorokdesigns@gmail.com! Or, if you would rather message me through instagram, my account is @rorokdesigns.   I have many more colors and etc. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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