Upcycled Cat Outfit!(All Pets)


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, school just started so things have been a little hectic. But I did have some time to make Shiva a new Fall outfit. It’s more on the simpler side but very cute. It is 100% up cycled. The scarf / tie / whatever you want to call it, was made out of a skirt. It’s the same material from the MAKING SHORTS OUT OF A SKIRT.  (click the link, 😉😉)




The scarf is pretty easy to make, you just cut a large strip of fabric out, fold it in half horizontally and sew, leaving an opening. Then you turn it right side out and sew the opening you left closed.

The flower was just a basic fabric flower. I didn’t make it but there may be a fabric flower DIY in the near future. I actually got it from the bottom of some shorts. I cut it off of the shorts and it was done.



This is a super easy and quick little outfit for your pet. Just remember that not all pets like to be dressed up!!!😀☺️😽

I hope you enjoyed this post!



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