Men’s Shirt to Off the Shoulder Top DIY


Hello Everyone! I had so much fun making this top! Although the title says men’s shirt, it’s actually a women’s button down top. It’s similar to a shirt I’ve made before UPCYCLED OFF THE SHOULDER BLOUSE, but this one has straps and buttons down the middle. It’s super easy and really ( And I mean really) cute!


You will need:

  • 1 Oversized button down shirt
  • Enough elastic to go around your shoulders  with some extra room
  • Sewing Machine and Thread




1. First cut the shirt so that the collar is gone, don’t cut off the sleeves unless you want a tube top.




2. Use pins to fold the top down so that there is enough room to put elastic in it.

 3. Sew it down leaving a gap in the back to put the elastic in.




4. Measure the elastic around you shoulders and pull a little so that it stretches and fits and cut there.

5. Use a safety-pin to put the elastic in the top and then sew it closed in the back.




6. Use the collar of the shirt to make  straps by cutting the collar in half.

7. Sew down the sides when the right side is facing the other right side and down one of the short sides. Flip inside out.




8. Sew the strap on the inside of the top. I tried the top on to mark where I wanted the straps to be.




9. OPTIONAL: Fold the shirt in half so that the side seams are matching in the middle. And cut it to make it high to low.




10. Fold over the edge and pin it down.




11. Double sew ut to give it a clean look.




Voila! It’s super easy. You’ve probably already noticed how excited I was/am about this top. It only takes 1 hour or less to make.

I hope you enjoyed this post!



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