Making Shorts out of a Skirt DIY

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Hello Everyone! Summer is almost over, it’s time to clean our closets again. We ( My sister, mom, and I ) cleaned one and I found so many amazing upcyclable clothing. One of them, is a cute skirt that was old. It had a perfectly good zipper and two pockets. The fabric is an amazing lace and cotton, layered. It’s really easy to make and not time-consuming.




1. First find a pair of shorts that fit very well. It helps if the shorts don’t have elastic.




2. Then, lay the skirt out, with the zipper in the middle. If it doesn’t have a zipper it doesn’t matter. It is easier to put the skirt inside out.



3. Fold the pair of shorts in half like the picture above and line up the straight side of the of the shorts with the center of the skirt.




4.  Trace it and do the same to the other side of the center and the other side of the shorts.

5. Cut and make sure they are facing right side to right side.




6. Sew along the crotch line, like the picture above.




7. Then sew the other way, like the picture above.




8. Lastly, hem the bottom of the shorts by folding it up. I double sewed it.




VOILA! A basic pair of shorts! I’ve done so many more shorts DIYS, visit one of my latest blog post, MY COLLECTION OF DIY SHORTS. Have an amazing rest of the summer.

I hope you enjoyed this post!



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