My Favorite Summer Outfit I’ve Made


HI Everyone! Summer is almost over but it’s still hot enough to be wearing summer clothing ( at least where I am). In this post, I will be explaining my favorite outfit I’ve made. TO SEE MORE ON THE OFF THE SHOULDER SHIRT, CLICK HERE!



The picture above was taken before I hemmed the bottom but it shows you how different it looks ones the elastic stretches out.





FullSizeRender 8.jpg


Because I like it, I wearing a tank top rather than a sleeveless one. I also like to wear this shirt with jeans because it loose at the top so it’s nice to have a contrasting look with skinny jeans.




This shirt is very easy to make, in case you missed it, you can CLICK HERE to see more about it. Although I pair it with pants it can really go with anything, maybe not a skirt unless it’s a special one.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great summer and a …





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