Hi everyone! Now, you all know how much I love my cat and how much I love to sew for him. I mean, look at all the things I’ve made, PRINCE KITTY : SNUGGIE.  etc. This post features most of his may adorable outfits.  Before I get into pictures and descriptions, I need to say that he is old (VERY OLD). He’s almost 22 years old. That’s about 100 cat years. But I still love him.



Shiva is wearing his TMNT hoodie or as I call it, his snuggie

None of these outfits have hurt or injured him in any way and I always make sure he is comfortable when wearing them.



This is Chinna, he passed away last year. I used to make more clothes for him because he was younger. This is a snug pj shirt for cats



His own personal raincoat for when he stares out the window at the rain


I hope you enjoyed this post! Check out my website to see more sewing posts or fashion for pets.



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