1950’s Poodle Skirt


Hello Everyone! In this post I will be sharing with you my favorite costume or ensemble I’ve ever made! A year ago, for Halloween I was a 1950’s girl. I made a full circle skirt from satin and tulle. In the lower corner, I sewed on a furry poodle with a leash made from a yarn like material.



There are 4 layers in the skirt. The top layer – a pink satin with the poodle. The second/third layer – two layers of tulle. The tulle made the skirt “poofier” and added volume. The fourth layer – a pink cotton lining. The only reason for this layer was to prevent the tule to rub against my skin.


Instead of doing a fitted waist belt, I used elastic. If you want to learn how to make a circle skirt visit my blog post, HOW TO MAKE A CIRCLE SKIRT. Just make sure to add the different layers. and when using satin, it helps to stay stitch the edges.




This is one of my favorite skirts and it’s actually pretty comfortable. In case anyone was wondering, the skirt took me 2 hours to make. It’s perfect for Halloween if you like simpler costumes. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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2 thoughts on “1950’s Poodle Skirt

  1. Simply Megan Joy says:

    So cool! I found one of these at a thrift store, but I could use one that is a bit longer, so I think I’ll have to sew one sometime! I’ve just completed a crinoline that would work perfectly! Thanks for showing us your awesome project!
    ~ Megan Joy


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