DIY Neon Pajama Shorts



If you’ve seen some of my previous posts, you know how much I enjoy making shorts. Especially upcylced ones,( although this one isn’t). I recently received 2 yards of this geometric and neon fabric. It was a lightweight cotton and frayed very easily.




This project was 100% spontaneous. I had just gotten back from a vacation and was itching to sew. Can anyone else relate? It only took me half an hour. It has an elastic waist band and is high-waisted.




My first idea for the hem of the shorts, I had several ideas.

My first idea was to do some embroidery stitches around the bottom of the shorts and then start fraying it purposely. I started to do that on a scrap piece of fabric. I realized that, while it looks good, it might be a problem with my cat. I scraped the idea.




My next idea was to use my zig zag scissors to put a nice edging on the bottom of the shorts. It turned out pretty well.



I love these shorts so much! They fit well and they are super easy to make. To see how to make shorts similar like this, visit my post, DIY PJ SHORTS.

I hope you enjoyed this post!



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