DIY Pencil Pouch

Hello Everyone! I know It’s summer, but pencil pouches come in handy even when you’re not at school or at work. Even if you don’t use it during the summer, you can prepare for the coming year. This pencil pouch is very simple to make but does work best with a sewing machine.


  • Zipper( length your choice )
  • Muslin
  • A thicker cotton fabric
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Ruler



1. Gather the materials(of course)😉. Take the muslin and cotton and lay them on top of each other. Trace TWO rectangles that are both the same time. You can do make whatever size rectangle you want. To make sure that pencils fit, use a pencil or pen to mark the width of the pouch.  ADD SEAM ALLOWANCE. 


2. Cut them out, leaving seam allowance.


3. Take the zipper and lay it top side up (that’s the side with the zipper handle).


4. Now, take the COTTON and lay it good side down on top of the zipper matching the outer edge of the fabric with the corresponding zipper side.


5. Now take the MUSLIN and do the same thing you did with the COTTON but on the bottom side.


6. Sew along the side and flip it over so that there are no seams showing.


IMG_9973 2


7. Top stitch the side so that it lays easily. Remember to top stitch it while it’s flipped over

8. Repeat 3-6 on other side of zipper.

To Recap , you should now have two flaps sewed to each side of the zipper or one flap on each side and they should be top stitched.


9. Flip the entire thing with good sides facing each other and sew around the entire thing ( SIDES and BOTTOM).


10. GET OUT YOUR RULER! Keep the pouch inside out while doing this. Take one of the lower corners and pinch it. The bottom seam should mirror the side seam. Once you get a match, measure one inch from the corner of the pinch down.


11. Draw a straight like across that mark and sew.


12. Repeat steps 10-11 on the other corner.


This adds a box look to the pouch.


13. Trim the excess from the corners.


VOILA! A cute and trendy pencil-case. I literally take this everywhere I go when I need to write, vacation, school, etc. Although this is a fairly easy DIY, it does take time and you might even have to redo some steps ( I KNOW I DID-hehehe) but it comes out great. There are many optional additions you can do to make the pencil pouch more durable or fancy, like adding a thicker interfacing or putting end tabs on the side of the zipper. But this version is simpler.  I Hope You Liked this post!




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