How to make a half circle skirt

Hello Everyone! Recently I received a HUGE amount of black and blue fabric. It’s thin and stretchy. A half circle skirt immediately cam to mind. In this post I will show  the steps to making one and the math behind it.


First let’s do the math. You need to know a few simple equations first.

Circumference= 2* 3.14* radius

1.You need to find the radius. The circumference is your waist. If you are making a half circle skirt that you will need to double your waist length.

2. Switch the equation around until you are able to find the radius. 2 * Radius= circumference / 3.14

Here is my rough ( and by rough I mean rushed and messy) sketch, ignore the doodle space,😉,



1.Trace your pattern on to the fabric. The fabric should be folded and you should be lay on side of the pattern on the fold.

If you don’t want to use a pattern,  take a measuring tape, and from the corner mark the radius length on the fold. Keep your finger


2. Cut it out




3. Sew down the side of the skirt with the right sides facing each other.




4. Cut out a long strand of fabric with these dimensions: 3″ x your waist length. Cut it on the fold edge to save fabric. This is going to be your waistband.


5. Sew the short edges of the the waist band together with right sides together




6. Open the waist band up and sew it to the top the skirt. Match up the side seams and pin it in place. Again, put the right sides together


7. After sewing it fold it over on the inside to create a waistband that its attached.




8. Last but not least, hem the bottom



 Voila! You’re done! A simple, cute, and easy half circle skirt. To make the skirt fancier you can add layers or pockets. Check out my blog post on the 10th of August to see how to add pockets. I hope you liked this DIY.




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