How to make Bunny Slippers

Hello Earthlings! A while ago I made a pair of adorable bunny slippers. I made them a while ago and am just now making a post about them, but they are still very cute to make. By now, my original pair of slippers are deformed from wearing them too often and from age.



(Bolded items are optional)

  • Fuzzy Knit White Fabric
  • Pink felt
  • 2 Black Buttons
  • 2 Mini White Buttons
  • Elastic
  • Polyester Fiber (STUFFING)
  • Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks

You  can easily customize them by using different colors of fabric, buttons, or use different ears. Here is a condensed list of instructions.

1.Trace your foot on a construction paper leaving 1 1/12 inches for seam allowance

2. Then fold a piece of fuzzy knit fabric twice and trace the foot pattern

3. Cut the all 4 layers of the fabric

4. Take two of the cut outs and sew them together, good side to good side. Leave a gap when sewing and flip it right side out

5. Fill the bottom section with stuffing (polyester fiber) and sew it closed

6. Trim the last two cutouts from step 3, so that the back edge outlines your ankle like the picture below

7. Repeat Step 4 with the cutouts from step 6.

To Recap, now you should have two pieces, one stuffed one and one small non stuffed one.


8. OPTIONAL: Cut out two bunny ear shaped pieces from the same fabric while it still has been folded twice.

9.  Sew them together, right side to right side. Sew them in pairs so that there are four individual ears

10. Flip the ears right side out and fill them with stuffing to your content

11. Hand sew the ears to the smaller piece of fabric

12. Cut a two small triangles out of the pink felt and hand sew it to the front of the slippers

13. EYES: This is easy. Take the small white button and hot glue it to the big black button. Do this until you have 4 eyes. Two for each slipper

14. Take the Top Piece of fabric and sew it to the bottom piece of fabric. The top piece should have the ears. Make sure to sew them with the right sides facing it

15. Flip it inside out and glue the eyes where you see fit on the top


I thought I would do something new, in every post I will include a different picture of my cat, Shiva. He’s such a cute 21-year-old!

Anyways…. VOILA! There are a lot of extra things you can do to make the slippers durable or fancy. I hope you enjoy this post and make some cut slippers of you own!



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